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High School Juniors Searching For Conquering College

Before doing any school arranging or school look, every lesser ought to sit with their direction guide/school consultant and get their class rank, GPA and with their SAT/ACT scores they can see what profile they have made to date. This profile can change a little by the evaluations and test scores from the primary semester of their senior. You require this profile with a specific end goal to see where you remain in contrast with the schools/college’s last year’s affirmations profile. When you contrast your profile with the establishment’s profile of a year ago’s entering class, you can advise on the off chance that you have an opportunity to be considered for confirmations.

Juniors, you have to register for the May SAT test by the first week of April or you can register for the June SAT test by the first week in May. You can go the any time to register and the earlier the better so you can avoid late fees. If you are interested in taking the ACT test in the spring of your junior year, there is a test date in April and you must register by the first week of March and there is also a test date in June, which you have to register by the first week of May. You have to go to for test dates and registration. Again, you should register as early as possible in order to avoid late fees. You want to at least take one test in the spring of your junior year. See your guidance counselor/college adviser for any other tests that you need to take before leaving for the summer.

Juniors, you should also look closely at what activities you have been involved in and put your resume together because colleges would like to see what else besides academics that have been involved in. Your resume should list everything that you have done since entering high school. These activities should be meaningful in that you have spent time and effort that can be substantiated.

College visits in the spring and summer of your junior year: A crucial step in the college admissions process

One of the important pieces in the college admissions and college attendance is college visits. The reason that it is very important that you visit colleges and universities is that there is no other way to decide where you should apply or attend better than visiting the college campuses to see if they are a good fit for your personality. An institution may be a good academically fit but a poor fit for your personality. When you walk on a campus, you will be able to tell if that campus is a good fit for you. Can see yourself spending four years there and be completely happy?

When visiting a college campus, make sure that you bring a copy of your transcript, a copy of your test scores and your resume. If at all possible, schedule a meeting with a college admissions counselor and meet with the counselor by yourself because you are the one going to college not your parents. This can be helpful when and if you do apply to that institution. Most colleges keep track of students who have visited their campuses and this can weigh in your favor when and if you do apply. It is best to visit colleges when classes are still in session so you can get a good feel for campus’ atmosphere but if you can’t do it then, do it during the summer break.