Top humidor products supplier

Top rated thermoelectric humidor wholesale? Justown – the best wholesale cigar humidor manufacturer focused on the development, design, manufacture of electric cigar humidor over ten years. Cigar lovers cherish their cigars, always want to preserve them safely, JUSTOWN is one of the excellent electronic cigar humidor manufacturers. Best Electric Humidor for Cigars: As a professional cigar humidor cabinet wholesale manufacturer […]

The upsurge of a novel writer professional : Lara Ayodeji-Akindiji

Meet Lara Ayodeji-Akindiji and some of her novel writing thoughts: Ways to Inject Suspense into Your Novel : Throw the Spotlight On At Least Two People: This might sound a little obvious, but for goodness sake, don’t make the villain of the piece stand out a mile. Instead, have suspicion fall on at least two, possibly three characters. This will […]

Top rated advantages to hire a flexible Chief Financial Officer by Sam McQuade

Sam McQuade CFO talking about fractional Chief Financial Officer benefits these days? This differs from the services traditionally provided by the external CPA who focuses on audits, reviews, taxes, and compliance work. Although valuable and very necessary, this work is more “backward-looking” in nature ensuring that past events are correctly reported and accounted for. The CFO however, is more focused […]