Premium videos and book reads by Mocienne Petit Jackson

Meet Mocienne Petit Jackson and some of her work: We learn about the problems she encounters with the Child Protection Services, followed by many court cases. At first, the court cases related to her own situation, later on they turned into a battle for her son. The one unacceptable situation followed yet another unacceptable situation. We also learn about the […]

Midi packs from Midi Godz LLC 2023

Midi packs with Midi Godz Check right now: The best way to practice and improve our skills with MIDI is by acquiring professional MIDI files designed by reputable sound design labels such as Midi Loops. But all this power doesn’t come without a cost; the creation of professional MIDI content is inextricably linked to the mastering of music theory and […]

Meet Dylan Pulver and some of his indie pop singer-songwriter philosophy

Dylan Pulver or the rise of a pop singer-songwriter: A songwriter turned producer who has no limits, Dylan Pulver began raising his home music studio in 2017. With his upcoming 1st album release “Do What You Love”, the 27 year old tour-de-force is about to take the world by storm. Orchestrating a team of musicians around the globe, Dylan has […]

The growth of a talented composer : Johnny Hachem

Johnny Hachem or the growth of a talented composer: Johnny Hachem is a Lebanese-Ukrainian composer and pianist, based in Switzerland. He is the holder of many international awards including the 2009 international award for the Music Composition at The International Composition Conference (Cergy-pontoise, France) and the 2021 Third prize of the Classic Pure Vienna International Composition Competition (Vienna, Austria). Johnny […]

The upsurge of a music conducting expert : Utah’s Logan Blackman

Meet Utah’s Logan Blackman and some of his music conducting work: Let’s start by having you describe your sound to our readers… Logan J. Blackman : Symphonically, my sound is very grand and cinematic. However in my chamber works, I tend to take a much lighter tone. My Bassoon Duets, “The Logic of a Mad-Man” is nothing but one big […]

Who is Salt Lake City’s Logan Blackman and some of his music conducting work

The rise of a music conducting expert : Utah’s Logan J. Blackman: I have been a musician for over 14 years. I have conducted several professional, amateur, and student orchestras and bands. I’ve been a freelance organist, pianist, and arranger for over 14 years. I attended the University of Kentucky and received a bachelors in bassoon performance, as well as […]

Premium African gospel music movies today

High quality foreign gospel music blogs in 2022? GospelJingle Website is a website on a mission to spread the gospel through the promotion of gospel music, entertainment, and to make gospel content accessible to everyone in an easy way through Mobile, Web, Social Media platforms. Find more info on 2022 best gospel music blog. We Fall Down – Donnie McClurkin: […]

Crave Moore and PartyNextDoor joint effort imminent?

Crave Moore and PartyNextDoor partnership upcoming? Crave Moore was spotted with PartyNextDoor so several whispers regarding a joint effort between the two began to appear, with Atlantic being the probable record label to be involved. Crave Moore on hip hop artist fashion trends in 2022: Conventional wisdom in the fashion world is that if you select one print, the next […]

Excellent global internet radio station for unsigned music by Glacer FM

Top rated internet radio station for independent music by Glacer Fm? glacer fm is the most expanding Global Internet Radio Station focused on Unsigned and Independent Music in all genres. Our music channels are genre specific and are always seeking to find songs that will be most appealing to every audience. GLACER FM’s indie channel (GLACER UNDERGROUND) is giving every […]

List of sound stages LA, California

List of sound stages LA, California? Whatever you’re looking to shoot, our white cyc walls and green screen capabilities on either sound stage can help you achieve a variety of looks and styles. With our fully equipped production offices, your whole crew can come in and work their magic at our Los Angeles production studios, from the first shot to […]

Latest Keith Urban news right now

Hot Keith Urban trending news in 2021? What’s more, Nicole and Keith never leave their daughters when travelling for work, and have been getting help from her sister and mother while they have been working. “My sister’s staying over and my mum’s helping; I don’t have that help in Nashville so that’s been incredible,” Nicole explained to the New York […]

The rise of a song writer : Lucas Coast and new 2021 songs

Who is Lucas Coast and some of his 2021 music albums? As soon as he returned to Miami from his vacation in Colombia, he bought his first guitar and continued to learn new techniques with online lessons. In high school, he took guitar lessons and began to improve his technique significantly. In college he grew up a lot in music. […]

Lucas Coast and the ascent of a music producer

Meet Lucas Coast and some of his 2021 music albums? Luis Carlos Suárez Pérez was born on December 7, 1990 in Barranquilla, Colombia. He grew up surrounded by various influences and musical genres offered by the Colombian musical culture at the time. That was one of the reasons that led Luis to make music one of his first passions, increasing […]